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Welling Court Mural Project

Posted in Arte, fotos by Lalita on 25 May 2010

Every area I have ever lived in I would get lost in it so I could understand it. I have never seen any reason to stay in a 4 block radius. Who cares if all you need to survive is on your block. Don’t you want more? Don’t you want to know what is behind the curtain Dorothy?

So I walk/ride/jog around. and earlier today while putting off purging/packing yet again (nothing like last-minute moves for me) I came across some new pieces that just went up this past week in Long Island City. Thank goodness I was armed with miniBackPack which held my camera.

enjoy the visions:I sure took it all in……Looking at each piece I only wish I could have seen all these artist working together to get this up. There seems to be a nice unity in this community-right across from one of the walls lives a community garden….time to apartment hunt down there 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

EDIT:Gracias World Wide Web: Read here for the Scoop on the Welling Court Mural Project


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