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shades of Brown

Posted in Arte, fotos by Lalita on 25 May 2010

…ok…I have not blogged about this because this subject hits close to casa for me.  I have familia in this country who are here with papers, and I have familia who are undocumented. (which by the way the term is not “illegal aliens” it is “undocumented persons”-something that was engraved in my head at uni)

They work hard.
They have and are working jobs that most (like a huge percentage) of us would not want to do.
They pay taxes-and see no returns.
They do not ask for government assistance.
They respect their neighbors and they respect  the law.
Now of course I can not speak on behalf of ALL undocumented persons in Arizona,
but I can speak on behalf of my familia.

I am scared for them.  I am scared that my Tias y Tios will be harassed when they go visit, even though they always take out proper visas when visiting. I am scared that my cousins will now hide in their own homes, and their kids will not understand what is going on.

All that these kiddos know is this land.  Many have never set foot in their parent’s hometown.

What if I was there? would I be questioned? We all know that I am pale pale pale. But guess what? I am 100% Mexican. I am first generation born here. I have no accent when I speak English-AND? I have no accent when I speak Spanish. What if  I changed out of my all Black NYC wear and wore exactly what my cousins wear, and spoke only in Spanish-would they ask “Are you Brown?”

I have no clue.

If I decide to have a child, I most likely will stay in the States.  As more of my friends reproduce and begin to raise minis,I can only hope that they raise them to respect everyone.  Kids do not see color….we force them to see it.We force our judgments on them. When we use racial slurs, they hear it.

Dora the Undocumented

for YEARS I have heard Mexican jokes. You want to stereotype my people as dishwashers and maids? Well I invite you to meet my Mother who has her Masters, lives & works in Manhattan. I invite you to meet my sister, who is a Lawyer living and practicing in Chicago. I invite you to meet my father who works in Satellite communications (read:I have no clue really what he does) living overseas. and if tomorrow they would have to start cleaning toilets or work in a kitchen-well they (and I) would do it.

Because it is work…and no human is better than the next.

Awhile back Moo and I sat down to watch the film “A Day Without a Mexican” I highly recommend it. It makes you think. It makes you look around and notice those “Brown Faces” that work everywhere and do so much.

AND guess what bloglandia….WE ARE ALL NOT MEXICAN. Yup…take a moment and let that sink in. The brown faces you see are not just Mexican. And some white faces you see (*ahem moi) are Mexican.

This has been on my mind since news spread of the law about to pass.Today this article HERE is what prompted me to write….and what has prompted me to not keep quiet and do more research. And of course in the span of blog hopping and opening new articles I found Undocumented NYC which are stories that I wish I could say I have not heard before…

Bouncing around from  blog to blog I found the above flyer on Cha Gutirrez’ blog

Poking around on her blog I found this awesome piece she has been working on.

I leave you for now  (umm just for now this is a topic that I will be revisiting often) with a lil Talib Kweli

Papers Please by Talib Kweli


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