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correspondence courtship

Posted in Arte by Lalita on 8 June 2010

I am rediscovering Griffin and Sabine. I forgot I had the first book in the series-and decided it could not be packed. I sat back and read it in a sitting in Brooklyn. Since I did not own the  entire series I decided to order them- and today the 2nd book came in just in time for lunch.

my recent explosion of emotions has me in a tizzy….since I have read Alice way too much….this is proving a nice escape.

modern-day correspondence is via text messaging/im’s/emails.  we learn more about people this way and at an instant. I am tempted to write out a few smitten letters to the beau just  to have that paper in hand experience. I am sad that our courtship texts were wiped out on my phone by my stupidity. But lucky me, he does cute lil things on the regular so……..;)

the whole layout and concept is beautifully done in the books.  the words written are honest, turbulent and raw.  It truly has me inspired to write more (and not in the blogging sense)

looking forward to the next few books to come in!! escape in pictures and words is needed.


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