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Posted in 30-in-30 by Lalita on 30 December 2010

here is to not looking back at the most challenging decade yet (lets hope one day I can say it was the most challenging)

today I am 30.
on 12/30.

I wish the night/morning could have started in a different manner-but such is life and you move forward.

In bed watching Depeche Mode’s concert in Barcelona for their Tour of the Universe.  Excited because the best gift my mom ever gave me is en route, my baby (27yr old) sister!

my loving boyfriend scrubbed a griddle for me and gifted me the best label this girl could ever have….FIFA.

honestly it is the worst time to have a birthday. but in a sense that is kinda the story of my life/personality.

never at a oppurtune time.
always a bit difficult.
conquer the challenge and you will for sure have sweetness.

so 12/30-i embrace you.

I am neglecting my boys-so let me return to watching them perform.

30-welcome-so far I like you. 🙂


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  1. kneesee said, on 30 December 2010 at 6:52 pm

    happy birthday interwebs bff! enjoy the mix and your day!
    hugs and kisses

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