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Je manque Paris!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 18 March 2011

My Cio-Pet the fotog

If I could be anywhere right this fucking moment it would be in this picture right above. That is my moco,my cio-pet, my babysister (who aint a baby no-mo’) In Paris, sipping on coffee or chocolate. having nothing on my agenda but walk around and eat. Talking or not talking and mostly laughing.

Home/Work/NYC life has me uber-stressed out.

I am trying hard to keep positive, trying to de-stress. But when you don’t get that stress relief in any aspect-fuck is it frustrating.

how does one de-stress when there is stress everywhere they turn?
how does one handle needs not being met.

ugh-I need to throw myself back into blogging and baking.  and possibly the ‘la.

So back to Paris…..I fucking miss it.

the calmness of life and the passion I saw others embraced in… was infectious and got to me. just to come back and be thrown back into the stress of life.

Is it the NYC hustle? Is it me wanting more? Is it the passion of it all that I miss?

only time will tell but for now-I am one bitter squirrel. and we know bitter don’t mix with sweets.

Cole was right-she said that Paris would capture me and I would want to stay. While this has been a delay-I have noticed that more and more I dream of walking in Paris.  The dream always starts off me walking down a busy NYC street and turns into Paris and ends in Barcelona where I am smoking on a balcony and sipping on some red wine. all dolo.

come on NYC!! I gave you so much passion-let me get some back-let me fall in love with you again. all you are doing is disappointing me and I am ready to stop calling you my steady and just call you a friend. so NYC-get in gear and inspire me, capture me, take me……or else I will be say Peace out and say Bojour or Hola to someone new.


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  1. Katie said, on 24 March 2011 at 3:48 pm

    yes please, take me too!

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