Palabras de Azucar

Hello WWW, are you there? It’s me, Lali…….

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 15 October 2013

Yeah, Wow, do I suck. 

Well no, I don’t. Blogging took a back seat to life. 

in 2012 I got a puppy, got married, had family from Colombia/Mexico/Chile stay with us. Spent time with my Abuelo who was ill, worked a whole ton.

Thus far in 2013 its been extreme ups and downs. Work is super busy and picked up (the sitting of babies is in high demand in NYC) Helped some friends with their extremes, both good and bad.My Abuelo passed away-en vida abuelo, en vida! and perhaps the biggest extreme…..

well we are pregnant. not we, my ass is most for sure knocked up. My husband is the “silent partner” in this adventure. (but super supportive and loving-he just doesn’t get the heartburn)

In the world of INSTANT, blogging seems to have taken a wayside. With google reader gone (and pregnancy in full effect to actually transfers my links else where before it went away) I do not sit and read blogs like I used to. It was my favorite down time/screen time. 20 minutes timed and a cup of coffee. 

Most bloggers have Instagram and mini/microblog their adventures there. While this is great-I do miss reading full length posts. I can not stand Facebook with the constant complaining and memes….a future post on that later. 

I am hoping I can get myself on a routine and start up again. I miss airing out my shit and sharing my DIY adventures. 


I started blogging back in 2006- Domestic and Single. Now, I am married, and about to pop out a mini. Sh$t has for sure changed. 


So internetlandia….you still there? I think I am coming back…..

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