Palabras de Azucar


Posted in Brooklyn Baby, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 2 October 2010

Time gets faster as you get older.
When you are 3-the perception of an hour can be an eternity-and now approaching 30 most hours I lose track of.

7 months ago today I met up with someone who I briefly encountered for about an hour 2 years prior.time stopped. the hours sitting and talking about everything and anything flew-but time was suspended.7 months later we are closer than ever. we are partners-in-crime. we are living together.

so when I realized that we were at month 7 I sat down a bit shocked. were some months taken away? surely it had to be more than 7 months.

but no really-here we are 7 months later-sharing a living space-sharing ideas.

I am kinda floored by it all-excited and nervous (in a good way) all in one.

so happy 7 boo.


Welcome to Brooklyn

Posted in Arte, Brooklyn Baby, Partner-in-crime, páginas de mi vida by Lalita on 23 September 2010

Where have I been??? not in front of my computer -that’s for sure!

weddings/work/road trips/Chi-town visit/familia from Mexico visiting/New Jersey/DMV (taking all my $)

but do not fret-fall is here-and I am now in a new place. officially. made a business merger with my partner-in-crime and will now be living together.(did I just kill the romance of it by phrasing it that way? maybe-but lets be honest moving in together in NYC means you are doing it to save on rent) the romance is still there-in our own special way.

(buy poster here!)

so stay tuned. I have to set up shop (house) and I will be back with more adventures!

big things for the both of us will be in the works. taking the rest of 2010 to go big in 2011.