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Before I Die__________

Posted in Arte, fotos by Lalita on 25 March 2011

I follow Wooster Collective on my Google Reader. It really is a nice to read/view the posts and see what is new in the world of street/urban art around the globe.

Today, this post popped up. (take a moment-go peep that ‘ish)

Partner and I are always talking about how to make art be in areas where all can see and interact. This hits it right on.
It also stirred something in me. I kinda want to paint a large wall in chalk paint and write out my own “Before I Die….”

Before I Candy Chang

Check out Ms.Chang’s website. She is all sorts of dope!!


this really has me thinking about what can be done in my ‘hood…….


soo ask yourself today “Before I Die……..”



Paper Girl NY

Posted in Arte, fotos, summer times by Lalita on 27 August 2010

A rare moment to myself with my laptop AND my phone syncing…..I will take this moment and spread the word of…

The Beau and I decided to head over to their opening night at DAC.  Since stumbling upon PaperGirl we have been hooked with the notion of bringing art to the random strangers-awesome. Art Karma,if we must. Ms. Sina, who is spearheading the NY chapter of Paper Girl was delightful and energetic. quite a delight to see dance around and host this wonderful event.

I sent an email blast to my list of creative friends. My love Mollie Little, Kelly Diaz and of course the better-half himself submitted pieces.

networks.contacts.spreading the message....

now of course you know my medium is food-so I get excited when I taste something yummy!
I am not a huge fan of cupcakes BUT-these were amazing! The beau got me one of their cupcakes in a jar….he is all sorts of awesome.

so links to visit

Paper Girl NY

Le Petit Cupcakery
LePetit Cupcakery Twitter

And if you missed seeing Paper Girl in DUMBO-no worries! You can catch them at The Armory with the Convergence show:

The Armory in Manhattan
68 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY

Saturday August 27 at 5:00pm – Sunday, August 29 at 10:00pm

sorry for the shitty pics but wine on a sorta-empty tummy (does a mini cupcake count as dinner?) and my iphone make for interesting fotos….

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shades of Brown

Posted in Arte, fotos by Lalita on 25 May 2010

…ok…I have not blogged about this because this subject hits close to casa for me.  I have familia in this country who are here with papers, and I have familia who are undocumented. (which by the way the term is not “illegal aliens” it is “undocumented persons”-something that was engraved in my head at uni)

They work hard.
They have and are working jobs that most (like a huge percentage) of us would not want to do.
They pay taxes-and see no returns.
They do not ask for government assistance.
They respect their neighbors and they respect  the law.
Now of course I can not speak on behalf of ALL undocumented persons in Arizona,
but I can speak on behalf of my familia.

I am scared for them.  I am scared that my Tias y Tios will be harassed when they go visit, even though they always take out proper visas when visiting. I am scared that my cousins will now hide in their own homes, and their kids will not understand what is going on.

All that these kiddos know is this land.  Many have never set foot in their parent’s hometown.

What if I was there? would I be questioned? We all know that I am pale pale pale. But guess what? I am 100% Mexican. I am first generation born here. I have no accent when I speak English-AND? I have no accent when I speak Spanish. What if  I changed out of my all Black NYC wear and wore exactly what my cousins wear, and spoke only in Spanish-would they ask “Are you Brown?”

I have no clue.

If I decide to have a child, I most likely will stay in the States.  As more of my friends reproduce and begin to raise minis,I can only hope that they raise them to respect everyone.  Kids do not see color….we force them to see it.We force our judgments on them. When we use racial slurs, they hear it.

Dora the Undocumented

for YEARS I have heard Mexican jokes. You want to stereotype my people as dishwashers and maids? Well I invite you to meet my Mother who has her Masters, lives & works in Manhattan. I invite you to meet my sister, who is a Lawyer living and practicing in Chicago. I invite you to meet my father who works in Satellite communications (read:I have no clue really what he does) living overseas. and if tomorrow they would have to start cleaning toilets or work in a kitchen-well they (and I) would do it.

Because it is work…and no human is better than the next.

Awhile back Moo and I sat down to watch the film “A Day Without a Mexican” I highly recommend it. It makes you think. It makes you look around and notice those “Brown Faces” that work everywhere and do so much.

AND guess what bloglandia….WE ARE ALL NOT MEXICAN. Yup…take a moment and let that sink in. The brown faces you see are not just Mexican. And some white faces you see (*ahem moi) are Mexican.

This has been on my mind since news spread of the law about to pass.Today this article HERE is what prompted me to write….and what has prompted me to not keep quiet and do more research. And of course in the span of blog hopping and opening new articles I found Undocumented NYC which are stories that I wish I could say I have not heard before…

Bouncing around from  blog to blog I found the above flyer on Cha Gutirrez’ blog

Poking around on her blog I found this awesome piece she has been working on.

I leave you for now  (umm just for now this is a topic that I will be revisiting often) with a lil Talib Kweli

Papers Please by Talib Kweli

Welling Court Mural Project

Posted in Arte, fotos by Lalita on 25 May 2010

Every area I have ever lived in I would get lost in it so I could understand it. I have never seen any reason to stay in a 4 block radius. Who cares if all you need to survive is on your block. Don’t you want more? Don’t you want to know what is behind the curtain Dorothy?

So I walk/ride/jog around. and earlier today while putting off purging/packing yet again (nothing like last-minute moves for me) I came across some new pieces that just went up this past week in Long Island City. Thank goodness I was armed with miniBackPack which held my camera.

enjoy the visions:I sure took it all in……Looking at each piece I only wish I could have seen all these artist working together to get this up. There seems to be a nice unity in this community-right across from one of the walls lives a community garden….time to apartment hunt down there 🙂

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EDIT:Gracias World Wide Web: Read here for the Scoop on the Welling Court Mural Project


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foto by FACA

Partner-in-crime was lucky enough to see this process go up. He was also able to chat with the artist Shepard Fairey.

When you do not plan-well that’s when you are able to fully experience. On a whim, and being close enough….he took me to see the piece.
I know Fairey has received criticism but stand under his piece-look at each component and trust me, you are left infected and have no choice but to ponder his process. He provokes your mind-and leaves you thinking.

Shepard Farey piece on Houston

I snapped two close ups, saw a poem posted over the piece and walked back and forth a ton of times for PIC to snap a few fotos.


Posted in fotos by Lalita on 24 May 2010

love something so much that your need to persue it consumes you. I am not talking about loving another person, but more a passion. “Relationship” love is a whole other topic.  When something drives you-you can push through the 9-5-must-make-$-to-pay-rent job and use that time others see as “down” to make dreams realities. It is silly how so many people say they love something but do nothing about it.

….*preheating oven, prepping food….

Never assume. Just ask the question. but only if you can handle the answer in any form.

“Curiouser & Curiouser”

I struggle with this daily. Will a new phone, bag,shirt make me happy? Will that new table,kitchen aide attachment, pizza stone put me in bliss? most likely yes-but just for a temporary moment

my truly happy moments have been cheap moments. not expensive meals-not a new dress-not a new kitchen gadget.laughter so hard I am snorting, holding hands,painting & coloring with friends. walking around taking in NYC

and now as I sit here and procrastinate from packing, I am thinking back to yesterday, taking the bus to Brooklyn and seeing faces on the street & watching partner-in-crime fall in and out of sleep as I laughed my way through Pineapple Express. those two moments made me happy.

I will attempt to be a minimalist on this next move and next apartment.

only 1/2 of me

Posted in fotos, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 24 May 2010

there is a reason I take a billion pictures that do not show my eyes.

Last March/April I went through what I hope will be my last test of spirit/breath (well last major one)

During that time period I avoided getting my picture taken, but let’s be honest, that is near impossible this day in age. I came across one picture my sister took of my moo and I. (I will link it HERE I can’t bear to see it on this blog)

You can’t see my eyes, but you can see my moms and basically during this time we all felt the same way,as if our hearts/souls/minds were connected. I also hate seeing this picture because Halloween night 2009 I lost my favorite black Gap rain coat, and I am wearing it in that picture……. *moment of silence for all lost clothing……

I started taking 1/2 face shots and liked it. My eyes tend to say what I am feeling even when I try to fake the funk and have my cheese grin.

on days I am super duper happy I take eye shots:hoping to have that feeling linger with me a tad longer. Wanting to try to capture the happiness in my eyes.

foto I sent Partner in crime before going out

this may be the one where I feel quite kid like……

hehe….lets hope for more silliness in my life…

Chi-town: Chicano Murals……

Posted in fotos by Lalita on 18 May 2010

I forgot I had taken these when I was in Chicago in November. Amazing pieces, and left untouched. Nice way to incorporate art into a neighborhood and infuse culture for the masses to see. amazing……

Virgin de Guadalupe-Chicago Street Mural

More pictures after the jump (more…)

Sunsets and Starts…..

Posted in fotos, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 18 May 2010

It is weird to just sit back and do nothing. I tend to go mix business with pleasure, and was determined to get some work done with Partner-in-crime Sunday afternoon.

But the city had another plan for my mindset….

Partner-in-Crime capturing the sunset at Battery Park

I snapped a few shots of PIC as he snapped a few awesome shots. A relaxing Sunday afternoon walking and taking in the sites of NYC is exactly what I needed to jump start this hectic week.