Palabras de Azucar

Soon we’ll be found…..

Posted in musica by Lalita on 9 October 2010

Sia always amazes me.Randomly playing music from Grooveshark today, this track was on an old playlist.

obvi I am not in a good mood today, nor was I last night. communication is always key-but frustration lies when nothing is said.
most days I appreciate the deeper thoughts, thoughts outside the box. but when it is needed, I feel it is important to speak from the heart-be honest and let it out.  why am I always the one who has to be ok with things and deal. at some point in life isn’t it ok to NOT be ok with things and that be ok. gut feelings rarely fail me.

7 hours in the shop. a slow day. my mind hurts. my tummy empty-and taste buds turned off-and eyes sting

the phone is home-no real way  to reach the outside world.  so overall it sucks.

kinda wish I could get lost in something.


F*ck You

Posted in musica by Lalita on 27 August 2010

a lil down south goodness for this friday afternoon……

*stuck in my head

“you’re so cute when you’re frustrated….”

Posted in musica by Lalita on 1 July 2010

saw this in my Facebook feed today.

INSTANT flashback…….2002

transported back to college  when I first heard the song and watched the video for the first time  on an obscure college only station TV station, with  [!]

later on, while tipsy and lit-he turned to me and said “You’re so cute when you’re frustrated…”

every time I hear it I think of him….and how frustrated he made me.while I can laugh now, I could not at that point.

I so need to revisit so much of my music. How I wish it was not in storage :/

time to dig into those memory crates!