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he fits my list!

Posted in 30-in-30, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 14 December 2010

first, let me start by saying I SUCK! i mean 30 in 30 has not worked out. still working on the apartment, and trying to wrap around the holiday maddness….

so forgive me…and lets move forward.

last night we were watching TV and saw a Jimmy Dean commercial, you know-the ones where the sun is trying  to get everyone to eat breakfast.

so after rewinding and watching this commercial 2 times, (“did someone call for rain?” gets me every time!)  i pulled up my Singled Out NYC blog, knowing i had posted about these commercials.

the Title of the Post “Must Like: Burgers”   i shows a few commercials, and has a mini list of  qualities i wanted in a mate.

so here is a mini list:
~must like burgers, and willing to share fries
~must enjoy cheesy commercials
~must like naps (i get sleepy after all those burger&fries and laughing from cheesy commercials)

Lady A

so basically my boo hits all those qualities and more.  for the first few dates i thought he only ate fries 😉 by the way, he does not even think twice when i ask him to rewind so we can see the commercial again.



Posted in Brooklyn Baby, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 2 October 2010

Time gets faster as you get older.
When you are 3-the perception of an hour can be an eternity-and now approaching 30 most hours I lose track of.

7 months ago today I met up with someone who I briefly encountered for about an hour 2 years prior.time stopped. the hours sitting and talking about everything and anything flew-but time was suspended.7 months later we are closer than ever. we are partners-in-crime. we are living together.

so when I realized that we were at month 7 I sat down a bit shocked. were some months taken away? surely it had to be more than 7 months.

but no really-here we are 7 months later-sharing a living space-sharing ideas.

I am kinda floored by it all-excited and nervous (in a good way) all in one.

so happy 7 boo.

Welcome to Brooklyn

Posted in Arte, Brooklyn Baby, Partner-in-crime, páginas de mi vida by Lalita on 23 September 2010

Where have I been??? not in front of my computer -that’s for sure!

weddings/work/road trips/Chi-town visit/familia from Mexico visiting/New Jersey/DMV (taking all my $)

but do not fret-fall is here-and I am now in a new place. officially. made a business merger with my partner-in-crime and will now be living together.(did I just kill the romance of it by phrasing it that way? maybe-but lets be honest moving in together in NYC means you are doing it to save on rent) the romance is still there-in our own special way.

(buy poster here!)

so stay tuned. I have to set up shop (house) and I will be back with more adventures!

big things for the both of us will be in the works. taking the rest of 2010 to go big in 2011.



beau, birthdays, beach, besos

Posted in Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 6 August 2010

happy toes

I am waiting to be freed from paperlandia and spend a real weekend with my partner in crime. What better way to spend my first real weekend (Saturday AND Sunday) but celebrate his birthday.

basically we both need  to escape and chill.thank goodness to zip car, we will be doing just that! heading back to Jersey and looking forward to seeing trees/sand/surf and not concrete 🙂 ohh and hopefully a pint at Clancy’s 😉

so here is to my partner in crime-hope this start to your “new year” is a great one. setting up for the future starts by taking that first step…and you took it…so here is to the sprinting you are about to do and messages being shared.

now lets eat cake and nap!

real or fake?

Posted in Partner-in-crime, páginas de mi vida, Social Work, summer times by Lalita on 14 July 2010

for once I am not talking about boobs (real btw)

I love to laugh. I mean who doesn’t? I will be silly-act silly just to get a laugh out of someone. I love seeing others smile. even if they are laughing at me-it’s cool-I like that.

Nothing warms my heart more than acting stupid with my sister,getting into giggle fits with my mom or having on-going corny jokes with dad. My co-workers and I act silly on the regular-it lightens up the stuffy mood of working in the UES, and the P.I.C.- well smiles and laughter are a regular thing.

something came up today in which I realized why I love this so much-avoidance of the “seriousness” of life. It is not that I fully avoid it-but more so that I am so sick of it that I would rather just smile.

There is so much in the world that makes me ponder how humans can be so cruel. there are so many memories that I would rather forget. there are so many grown up things that I hate doing.

So with all this being said-I will clue you into a lil secret of mine.

I fake it.

there I said it.*phew. feels good to get it out.

I fake the smiles and over minutes/hours they turn into genuine ones.
I enjoy making others happy because in turn-it will make me happy to see others happy.

but but but!!!!!

It is when people expect too much out of me that those minutes turn to days before I am happy. over time all that build up leads to an explosion of emotion, which now another person is here to witness.

simple things.

It truly is the simple things that make me smile. Some people have been upset that I am with my current beau. I want to scream to the universe “seriously?! por que?” That negative energy is draining and I have no tolerance for it. I really could care less what they think, but the immaturity of it all-well lets just say that the ghetto comes out. My gut feelings have been right and I will be damned if I get disrespected anymore by any woman/man who think my life is a part of their game. He sits back and is calm-and my fiery temper gets me overheated….so I have been falling back and taking his lead…(but always voicing my opinion because I will be damned if a drama queen wants to rain on my parade)

the simple things as of  late have been cheesy,free and calming.

riding around the city-while my little legs and lungs are out of shape-it is a thrill to see the city on my 2-wheels
sitting on the warm pavement after running through a water sculpture to see the sunset over Jersey-awesome
waking up, after being able to sleep in a bit (yes SLEEP!) and have coffee made for me-soothing

I spent Monday at the beach, Brighton Beach to be exact. It was lovely-amazing-much needed alone time. I floated in the water-people watched-napped and breathed in deeply the smell of the saltwater. I wanted it to get deep in my nostrils. I was shocked to realize-OMG I AM STILL IN BROOKLYN

I realized that I have someone in my life who shares this “put you first” mentality. He will order what I want to eat so we can share it. He plays movies that will make me chuckle….he is a partner who challenges my mind and also lets me speak my mind.

I would hate to be a debbie-downer, so for now I will fake it or just hibernate till the funk passes.(or just head to the beach every chance I get….)

I was given homework today to take those “fake” moments and materialize them…not sure what that means-but I guess if it is open to my interpretation, it could mean “bake a cake”

P.S. I spied the foto above over at Scattered Aesthetics if you are not following them I have no clue what is your issue! they are dopeness from the left coast!!

Marshmallow at the beach

Posted in Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 12 July 2010


I am a bit lost in my own city (can I start calling it my own yet?) world cup is over. I actually teared up a bit when Spain made the goal-and was inches away from hugging and kissing the Korean tourist sharing our table,realizing umm hey that’s not my man!

This whole month has been exciting. PIC (partner-in-crime) and I spoke daily about the matches,teams and news. I joked at one point saying we would have to end our partnership on July 12th because what else would we have after this!

Cool your jets, it was a joke-we have food-cooking-biking-art-musica and really so much more.

Last night as we drifted to sleep I am pretty sure I stated again “Spain won”

I am getting my nails did, marshmallow-not because I want one but because I am a lil fatty who is pale-like a marshmallow. Waiting for him to race from work to meet me at Brighton Beach so we can take a dip/nap and go on a food adventure!!

Count down to Brazil 2014-I think this means I need a new piggy bank!

Mexico 2014? Maybe I should be assistant coach.

Stand by your man….

Posted in Arte, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 18 June 2010

Johann Mittnacht



Posted in Arte, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 3 June 2010

It is rare to see New York half asleep.
It may seem like a pain, but I enjoyed today’s  early morning with Partner-in-crime.
(and by early I mean like the Sun-still-yawing-hitting-snooze-early)

Fog covered the buildings like a warm blanket
Birds chirping, gently reminding us that nature does co-exist with us in  the concrete jungle.
Chilled air nipping lightly infusing us with life.

We also get to see those faces that make NYC run. The faces that serve NYC.
We see the debris that is left behind from the hustle and bustle from the previous day.

As we stood at the light waiting to cross, both our noses buried in our phones, a gentleman turned to me and said “Good morning”

I smiled and said good morning. A nice gentle reminder that NYC is indeed friendly.

I am falling back in love with  this city more and more. I think FACA’s enthusiasm is becoming infectious-in a good way.

I spotted this next image and it warmed my heart. It reminded me of a friend back in Jersey who I miss dearly. Funny,I have yet to meet her lil person but to me it totally made me think of the two of them!!!

yup, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

the next level

Posted in Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 2 June 2010

Yes folks, I am here to announce that Partner-in-Crime and I are taking our adventure to the next level…..



Posted in fotos, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 25 May 2010

foto by FACA

Partner-in-crime was lucky enough to see this process go up. He was also able to chat with the artist Shepard Fairey.

When you do not plan-well that’s when you are able to fully experience. On a whim, and being close enough….he took me to see the piece.
I know Fairey has received criticism but stand under his piece-look at each component and trust me, you are left infected and have no choice but to ponder his process. He provokes your mind-and leaves you thinking.

Shepard Farey piece on Houston

I snapped two close ups, saw a poem posted over the piece and walked back and forth a ton of times for PIC to snap a few fotos.