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What moves me….

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 9 October 2010

I am so stealing this from my lovely WWW-BFF (hehe) the very cute and talented Ms. KneeseesPieces
She has a foto album called “What moves you?”  I decided from time to time to share  found&personal pictures/videos.

Right now it is for therapeutic reasons, and to remind myself of the bliss in life and not this damn routine/hustle/grind I got myself in.

So…let me dive in…..via Le Love blog




"but if you could just see the beauty, these things i could never describe. these pleasures a wayward distraction, this is my one lucky prize." --ian curtis


(this one is “lifted” from the one and only Denys!-hope you don’t mind ma)



Sagrada Familia-Barcelona,Espana
The mere fact that it is undone makes it perfect in my eyes.


Twice gets played often-the mellow beat seems to put me at ease, and let me cry.


i want to put a food picture…….but my appetite has been muted so it would be a waste.


what moves you?



Posted in Brooklyn Baby, Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 2 October 2010

Time gets faster as you get older.
When you are 3-the perception of an hour can be an eternity-and now approaching 30 most hours I lose track of.

7 months ago today I met up with someone who I briefly encountered for about an hour 2 years prior.time stopped. the hours sitting and talking about everything and anything flew-but time was suspended.7 months later we are closer than ever. we are partners-in-crime. we are living together.

so when I realized that we were at month 7 I sat down a bit shocked. were some months taken away? surely it had to be more than 7 months.

but no really-here we are 7 months later-sharing a living space-sharing ideas.

I am kinda floored by it all-excited and nervous (in a good way) all in one.

so happy 7 boo.

Welcome to Brooklyn

Posted in Arte, Brooklyn Baby, Partner-in-crime, páginas de mi vida by Lalita on 23 September 2010

Where have I been??? not in front of my computer -that’s for sure!

weddings/work/road trips/Chi-town visit/familia from Mexico visiting/New Jersey/DMV (taking all my $)

but do not fret-fall is here-and I am now in a new place. officially. made a business merger with my partner-in-crime and will now be living together.(did I just kill the romance of it by phrasing it that way? maybe-but lets be honest moving in together in NYC means you are doing it to save on rent) the romance is still there-in our own special way.

(buy poster here!)

so stay tuned. I have to set up shop (house) and I will be back with more adventures!

big things for the both of us will be in the works. taking the rest of 2010 to go big in 2011.



F*ck You

Posted in musica by Lalita on 27 August 2010

a lil down south goodness for this friday afternoon……

*stuck in my head

Paper Girl NY

Posted in Arte, fotos, summer times by Lalita on 27 August 2010

A rare moment to myself with my laptop AND my phone syncing…..I will take this moment and spread the word of…

The Beau and I decided to head over to their opening night at DAC.  Since stumbling upon PaperGirl we have been hooked with the notion of bringing art to the random strangers-awesome. Art Karma,if we must. Ms. Sina, who is spearheading the NY chapter of Paper Girl was delightful and energetic. quite a delight to see dance around and host this wonderful event.

I sent an email blast to my list of creative friends. My love Mollie Little, Kelly Diaz and of course the better-half himself submitted pieces.

networks.contacts.spreading the message....

now of course you know my medium is food-so I get excited when I taste something yummy!
I am not a huge fan of cupcakes BUT-these were amazing! The beau got me one of their cupcakes in a jar….he is all sorts of awesome.

so links to visit

Paper Girl NY

Le Petit Cupcakery
LePetit Cupcakery Twitter

And if you missed seeing Paper Girl in DUMBO-no worries! You can catch them at The Armory with the Convergence show:

The Armory in Manhattan
68 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY

Saturday August 27 at 5:00pm – Sunday, August 29 at 10:00pm

sorry for the shitty pics but wine on a sorta-empty tummy (does a mini cupcake count as dinner?) and my iphone make for interesting fotos….

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rainy day blahs-just minus the rain

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 17 August 2010

I am in one of those moods.

I guess you can call it a funk.

I realized the last few weeks I have spent most of my time building others up.Playing cheerLEADER.

those last 3 sentences started with I-but I assure you there has been very lil lal(I) time.

I finally am making smarter decisions-became wiser with my time and the company I keep.

maybe it is all my fault. I fall into that rabbit hole of playing “mom” and try to take care of everyone.

it is not about the money-it is about the time. it is not about the affection it is about the feeling behind it. it is not about the lending hand but the unity it creates……

……it is hard to be strength or a motivator when all you want to have someone actually take the time and get to know you…..

so I pulled a Liz Lemon….

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 12 August 2010

For years I have been the one to change the water jugs for water coolers in all my various jobs. heck! even at some of my friends homes who have said H2O method.

I am cocky about never spilling. And trust me, it amazes me that I have not spilled because I am soo Liz Lemon.

Well if you follow 30Rock you will recall the episode where Liz is attempting to change the water jug so she can get Tracey a cup of water. She spills 3/4 of it before getting it in. I did not spill as much, but the fact that I basically mopped the floors goes to show you how much I spilled.

I have no grace what so ever. I spill food on myself constanly. last week I spilled mustard down my new jumper-which I had just bought.

*le sigh, such is the life as a lemon.

…the ball keeps rolling…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 11 August 2010

Last night the USA played Brazil in a friendly game at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. I dropped the ball (pun intended) and did not buy tickets in time for the game for the mister and I.

I guess I didn’t think August would come this fast….I can already smell the cider and picture the gloves I want-I am sorta ready for you Autumn.

USA lost-and seeing this young crop of Brazilian players got me excited! We both agreed that this team lineup was way better than the one they had for World Cup 2010. I am excited for 2014-seeing Brazil for the first time and being at the Copa for the first time!!!

Sadly, the game was being shown but we could not hear it. all the TV’s were on mute and we were forced to listen to some 90’s rock. (Collective Soul anyone?)

Today Mexico will play Spain at Estadio Azteca.  now of course I can not be there so I am going  to try to stream it or “bar” it and take a late lunch.

By the way they are playing this friendly game as part of the celebration of 200th anniversary of gaining independence from…SPAIN…so I hope Mexico can hold there own.

*le sigh, last night I fell more for the boy. the fact that he loves futbol as much as I do, and we can sit and talk about it made me very happy. not to mention that I love how I can reach over and take a bite of his burger whenever I want.

ok Tri! show me whatcha got!

beau, birthdays, beach, besos

Posted in Partner-in-crime by Lalita on 6 August 2010

happy toes

I am waiting to be freed from paperlandia and spend a real weekend with my partner in crime. What better way to spend my first real weekend (Saturday AND Sunday) but celebrate his birthday.

basically we both need  to escape and chill.thank goodness to zip car, we will be doing just that! heading back to Jersey and looking forward to seeing trees/sand/surf and not concrete 🙂 ohh and hopefully a pint at Clancy’s 😉

so here is to my partner in crime-hope this start to your “new year” is a great one. setting up for the future starts by taking that first step…and you took it…so here is to the sprinting you are about to do and messages being shared.

now lets eat cake and nap!

It’s about the “me’S” not “you”

Posted in Uncategorized by Lalita on 28 July 2010

infectious.bouncy.poppy……my new summer song.

Tame Impala brilliant lil band from the land down under. enjoy! lord knows I did all day long and will be doing so….all night long.

Said the voice from afar,
Don’t you know it doesn’t
have to be so hard? Waiting for
everyone else around to argee,
might take too long

When it won’t be so hard,
(it won’t be so hard)

Well it’s true,yes, but you
wont’t get far telling me
that you are all you’re meant
to be, when the one from my
dream is sitting right next
to me and I don’t know
what to do

Oh alter ego.

Get them to love you,
while the may depending
on your words and wealth,
the only one who’s really
judging you is yourself.
Nobodyy else.

If I could part,
it wouldn’t be so hard.

Well it’s true yes, but you
won’t get far telling me that
you are all you’re meant to
be when the one from my
dream is sitting right next
to me and I don’t know
what to do.

Oh alter ego.